I tweeted about making a project as a weekend hackathon in August this year. For some unforeseen circumstances, I couldn’t launch it. This year has been really depressing and a couple of weeks ago I wanted to get out of this situation so I rebooted the project.

So what is Wee

Introducing a more efficient way for designers to share your published work with looksideway.com

After 1000s of lines of code, 100s of coffees, 4 domains/3 product name changes, several iterations, I am finally excited to share with the world the first look at https://looksideway.com/


I launched a community for designers…

Finally, this is the day! I feel a mix of emotions running through my body as I write this. For the past few months, I have been sort of trying to avoid launching something publicly. …

Kshitij Choudhary

Building Sideway — http://looksideway.com . Founder at Wknd Studio, Inc. Prev design/dev at Stick.ai

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