Introducing Wee — Supercharge your indie business

Kshitij Choudhary
3 min readDec 2, 2020

I tweeted about making a project as a weekend hackathon in August this year. For some unforeseen circumstances, I couldn’t launch it. This year has been really depressing and a couple of weeks ago I wanted to get out of this situation so I rebooted the project.

So what is Wee

Wee is a simple widget for makers to promote themselves and get feedback on their products. Since the indie makers community is booming and a lot of people are making so many things over the web, including my self ( ,, WIP —,, and many more ideas.

I wanted a way to let users know who is behind the product without having to make About Us pages every time I think of an idea. I also wanted to capture feedback from users on the apps and see what they like/hate about particular products.

So I started making Wee. My initial thought was making an Intercom like product. The only problem I see with them is that they are highly priced + are a bit overwhelming.

I made a widget that helps you promote yourself, ask for feedback on your product, and showcase the rest of your products. The widget can be embedded on any site with just 2–3 lines of code that is generated for you on Wee.

Why do you need Wee as an indie maker?

Why have a faceless project when you can build trust and connection with your customers instead? That’s why I made Wee.

But another reason was to get early feedback from users. When I launched Sideway, early this year I had dozens of emails from users every week regarding the things they liked, bugs they were facing, etc.

This can become a pain when you start maintaining more than 1 project. So I added an easy way for users to rate their experience and provide any extra feedback if they wanted.

What’s next?

Soon you’d be able to use all the good feedback that you get on your products to boost your sales.

Wall of Fan. Use the feedback you collected and display the ones you like as testimonials on your site to build more trust and drive more sales.

Public Company Page. Users will be able to generate their public review page, where everyone will be able to see their ratings + reviews.

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